El mejor cambio de mi vida =)


Just a short entry to reflect how happy I am, still in the state of constant luck. Sometimes I have moment appreciating everything, thinking I´m just such a lucky girl. Crazy how my life has changed. 

Always stimulating my brain with talking Spanish all day long, it hasn´t been a year since I began from zero, and now my whole life is in Spanish =) (only when I communicate with my German family and friends of course).

Living one of the most beautiful countries of the world, and the most amazing city I´ve ever been to.

Communicating with the Spanish people, who are just so wunderful warmly and heartly...;)

Of course I´m also missing my German people, but I hope you know that you are always in my heart and I´m never far away actually. I love you all, and constantly keep thinking about you, hope don´t forget that either. It´s such a great feeling and an infinite luxury to have these special persons out there who support you no matter what.


What I think is the key of happiness is to be open to all the surprises that life offers (life sometimes just is crazy), don´t be afraid of changes, they can actually lead you up to something even better, because things always work out in the end, just maybe not always in the way we first expected.

Try not to deal too much with things that are just out of our control.

All we can do is to cross every bridge when we come to it, and hoping that we will always find a way to be happy, whereever we end up.

Hope you are enjoying your life, because it´s just to short to not live in the way you deserve it and want it to be, because every person is secretly a rockstar and unique.

Try tp live a balanced life and treasure yourself, take care of yourself, because every person values so much. Keep a healthy lifestyle with exercising (fit people acutally have the most fun in life) and lots of fresh, organic food to feel good about yourself. And smile, that´s always the best (and sexiest) thing you can do. =)

 And if you don´t like something, well then do your best to change it, because you are not a fucking tree ;) And what would life be without a little risk ;)


And here´s the news of today: the Holi Festival of Colours Barcelona 2014 will be on my birthday, September 13th. I´m really excited about that because I´ve never been to one, but it seems to be really funny . Once, I participated in the Colour-Run of Barcelona, which was also a lot of fun, actually.



Fiesta Major del Raval


If you are looking for a bit of tranquility in such a big city as Barcelona, Montjuic offers a great space of green spots, the "Jardines de Montjuic", which are actually just a few minutes away in walking distance from the more touristic fountains of Plaza Espanya, but less frequented by tourists. The nature is really beautiful here and you can spend moments in which you don´t feel like being a big city at all.



Then, as I already wrote I prefer the beaches apart from Barceloneta, which are more at Poblenou. The Rambla of Poublenou is also a very nice avenue, which leads you to a pathway with pines (I love the smell of pines, because I am remembered of pathways through pine forests that lead to the beaches in South France), and to Platja de la Nova Icària.


This weekend was also the Fiesta Major del Raval, el Raval is the part of Barcelona where I live, so there were fleamarkets with DJs, street concerts with livemusic and activities.


Furthermore, in summer the rooftop terasses of some of the most exclusive hotels are opened as a bar for the public, so can enjoy a great view in an unique atmosphere.

At the Rambla de Raval you can go up to the 360° Rooftop Terasse of the Barceló Raval, and at the Grand Hotel Central you can also go to the Top.


But in Spain, a terasse on a builing is like having balconies, something that can already find in the arquitecture of the majority of the builings, so the building with my flat also has a terasse, for making barbecues.



Viaje corto a Madrid



This weekend I took the train to Madrid, to visit the capital. There´s a really good connection with the AVE.

 And even if of course there´s no town like Barcelona, I have to admit that Madrid also has its own charm and is definitely worth a visit.

The Spanish capital has a lot of representative buildings, like the royal palcae, but also a lot of green spots. At night, it´s very vivid and there are lot of charming places with bars that are so typical of Spanish towns.

On the fotos, you can see among other the Parque de buen retiro, Palacio Real, Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor.



La cursa cursa de la Vila Olimpica


What is better than starting the day with a nice run? This morning was the Cursa de la Vila Olimpica, a ten kilometers run through Barcelona, along the beach of Nova Icària, Bogatell, through Poblenou and Vila Olimpica, so really a nice course.



Furthermore, I keep enjoying Barcelona of course; by night and the beautiful beach (beaches are even more beautiful if you go to those after the port of Ciutadella Vila Olimpica to platja de Nova Icária, Bogatell or Marbella).


Sant Joan en Barcelona


So today is Sant Joan, which means that yesterday´s night was the shortest of the year and in Spain this night is celebrated with fireworks, campfires in the streets, streetfestivals and a lot of cheerfulness.

It´s even better than New Year´s eve and a lot of fun.


Nunca te aburres


Barcelona, where always is going on something. Today I went another time at the Piknic Electronic at the gardens of Montjuic. =)

Yesterday was the "Día internacional de la musica", so the Palau de la Musica catalana, which from the outside already is a cool buliding, was opened to the public.

In the evening, there was a free openair- concert at Barceloneta beach. 



Then, there are often expositions of arts in galleries free to visit. Here you can see a foto of us, celebrating the inauguration of an exposition of a friend who is an artist. The work on the wall in the background for example is a composition of twelve peaces of wood, each one designed differently to reflect the different months of the year. 


I also went to a Vintage market, a fleamarket with a DJ playing music while you could shop for an economic price. 


And last, what would Barcelona be without its beaches, where you always enjoy best the sun? They are even more beautiful when you go a bit further than Ciutadella Vila Olimpica.



Me encanta descubrir Barcelona =)


Barcelona, where there is always something to celebrate! =)

Last weekend was the Sonar Sound Festival ;)


And every Sunday is the Piknic Electronic at the parks of Montjuic, so another outdoor event with music and a chilly atomosphere.




Then, another reason why this city is like no other, is the variety of the different parts of the city. I love to explore the neighborhoods, because Barcelona is like a puzzle,and I am constantly surprised, that I find new places everytime, because you just can´t ever stop to discover it.

Personally, I like a lot el Born, because it has a kind of French "chic", it´s where creative people or musicians live. There´s also the "Antic Teatre" which is a kind of hidden terrasse, with cultural events.    

Then of course el Raval (where I live) with the Rambla of Raval.

In every district, the arquitecture is different, with every house having a touch of art or playful details.

There are also so many bars with crazy furnishings or paintings, so each place is differently with its own charme.



Vistas increibles sobre la ciudad :)


So if you want to see a great 360 º view over incredible Barcelona, go up to one of the hotel terasses which are opened to the public and enjoy Barcelona's skyline at night.

For example,  Barceló Raval at Rambla de Raval offers a great panoramic view:) 


Color Run 2014


Today was the Color Run, where you run 5km and meanwhile get coloured, so it´s not a race about time, it´s just for fun with the aim to get coloured as much as possible ;)




What fascinates me also about Barcelona is the beach at dusk.


From the bar of the Hotel W you can see the beach and the city from above.



Barcelona- chulo como siempre


So it´s time to upload some more pics ;) I am feeling great like always here in Barcelona. =)

Trying more seafood, here I tried shells at a great restaurant in El Borne Market, whose name is "Santa Catarina".


I also like a lot Placa Reial, which is a place next to La Rambla with a lot of palms. At night it´s also great, because it´s illuminated in a cool light.


And of course my favourite spot, the beach, which just rocks at day and night equally.

Of course it´s great to take to sun there during the day, looking at this special blue of the sea that I love so much; and at night, it´s different of course, there are nearly no people sitting on the sand, so there´s an image of peace and calmness, in which you can just look at the now black sea with the lights reflecting in the sea, listening to the sound of the sea.


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